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HomeActions Subscription Details

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Your Easy Email Marketing Solution

Real estate agents, mortgage brokers and commercial real estate brokers need simple, effective digital marketing solutions.

We have you covered.

We’ll personally create a centralized email marketing database for you, we’ll deliver you warm leads, we’ll create all your email content for you, and we’ll automatically launch your newsletter twice a month. See for yourself… Get your second month free.

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Here are the pricings

THE MONTHLY Subscription Plan has a $129 Set Up Fee and Monthly
ongoing fee of $65.
The promoted JPAR fee will be $99 For the Set up and $60
per month.
THE ANNUAL Subscription Plan has no set up fee and requires one
annual payment of $749. The JPAR fee will be $720.
Occasionally, for promotional reasons, a 13th Free Month (12 +1)
may be offered as further inducement to agents. This free month is
revenue neutral and thus not commissionable.
THE 3 YEAR PLAN. Some agents prefer a longer term, less costly plan.
This plan requires (4) Quarterly Payments of $495 and there are NO
PAYMENTS Due in Years 2 and 3. The Plan for JPAR agents
will be (4) Quarterly payments of $450.